About Christian Media Forum

Christian Media Forum (CMF) is a Charity Christian organisation and not a church.

CMF encourages all members who have other spiritual commitments to respect their commitments, CMF is a fellowship of people that believe in Jesus Christ and believe in the excellent work he did and are ready to share with others.

We believe in worshipping together without any form of pressure, regardless of someone’s denomination, ethnic background, race or sex.

Christian Media Forum plans to expand digital media literacy within the community, encouraging ethical behaviour by actively engaging in Christian practices. Our Objectives are;

The aim of the group is:
To be an interdenominational Christian organisation, holding a meeting once a month exploring media as a tool to communicate.

To create an atmosphere where Christian can worship without any form of pressure, regardless of their denomination ethnic background, race, faith or sex. Where people can come together to worship in spirit and truth. The group will actively strive to see that all nations of the world, including Africans, Asians, Europeans, Americans etc. are well represented.

If you like to join us, please visit our page on dglonet.com by clicking the link below. Please note: you need to sign up on dglonet.com to join Thanks